If you have decided to separate or divorce, mediation is the better alternative to costly legal battles. Separation and divorce are among the most painful and disruptive events an individual and family can experience. Tension quickly develops when divorce is contemplated. The problems are both financial and emotional, deeply touching all members of the family.

Mediation aims at reducing this tension, not increasing it. With the help of TLC Mediation, couples negotiate their own settlement and learn the techniques for resolving future differences. Mediation is for couples who want to retain control over the decisions that affect their lives and don’t want their children caught in the middle.

As a trained mediator, Jann will help you and your spouse work together to reach agreement. Couples learn to evaluate their present financial condition and to provide for their future financial needs.

What are the benefits?

  • Takes less time, so you can move ahead with your life
  • Costs less
  • Allows you to control the decisions that affect your life
  • Benefits the children and others by reducing conflict
  • Avoids public disclosure of financial and personal matters because it is confidential
  • Promotes communication and cooperation

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