Jann Bate Catto is the Founder and President of TLC Mediation and TLC Financial, LLC.*

Jann received her bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College and continued her education at University of Pennsylvania where she received her Masters in Social Work. With this degree, she worked as a therapist for several years until the birth of her oldest child. She spent the next years as a stay at home mother to her three daughters.

Her career in financial planning began when she went through her own divorce and was no longer presented with the luxury of staying at home with her children. She witnessed first-hand the issues couples face when going through a divorce and saw the need for an advocate well versed in these areas.

Jann is passionate about guiding people through the financial process regardless of age or stage of life.

Today, Jann is happily remarried and is currently a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Jann’s unique background as a therapist, divorced and remarried mother, and financial advisor gives her a fresh outlook on financial planning in a variety of situations.

*TLC Financial is a separate entity from TLC Mediation.